About tour

1Probably every person looking at a map of the world, were amazed by the huge and vast size of the country, occupying 1/6 of the land. From Europe to the Pacific, from the Arctic to the Southern steppes stretched a vast country. Imagination changes us, refusing to show a single associative way.

How can we learn to know and feel?

You can buy a plane ticket and 10 hours to fly from Moscow to Vladivostok, to see the Kremlin and the Bridge on Russian island. But let’s see whether you Russia?

You can buy a train ticket and a week to travel all this distance in a comfortable coupe. To see the stations of all the cities and to meet with all the passengers of this train. But is it asked heart?

Some extremists sit on the bike and months go by Russia, overcoming difficulties, testing yourself, and enjoying the knowledge of the Russian spirit. At the end of their journey they become full-fledged Russian. Because, English is not a nationality. This state of mind. Involvement in the great history and culture of Russia.

How to do: to see and know the whole of Russia, but to spend a reasonable amount of money and time?

Actually the answer to this question already found and known. But not many people still have the courage to use it. And those who dared gained fame and respect among tourists and travelers in their countries, deservedly becoming elite in these circles.

2ou may have guessed that we are talking about a journey by car or motorcycle. This tour is actually able to give you the full feeling of a journey in its entirety. You can see all the roads, all cities, temples and attractions. You feel like changing nature and the climate movement. And most importantly, that you feel freedom and independence. People who have passed this way claim that this time they have lived a full life and felt peace.

There is only one drawback, but it is very important. This time. To pass the whole of Russia by car it takes about 20 days and this time the barrier cannot be overcome. Most people do not have this amount of free time.

3This problem solves the motorcycle. The main difference between this trip is a burning sensation of freedom. An integral component of a motorcycle — it’s romantic. Warm wind, pulling about hair, openness to the world and unity with his steel horse — those charms, which, in most cases, it will attract people.

Motorcycle saves time, allowing you to drive almost all of Russia for two weeks, to see all its beauty and to have time for sightseeing in the cities.

The only thing that can scare a matter of safety and convenience.4 There is an opinion that riding a motorcycle is dangerous and inconvenient. This is partly because. But only partly. After all, progress is not in place and the tourism industry develops and attracts more and more interest. There are motorcycles that allow you to travel long distances safely and with this comfort, which can not boast of many cars.

If you talk about group travel, the issue of security is removed completely. As the movement organized in the column under the supervision of experienced instructors negates accidents and troubles.

We have developed a unique tourist route length of 8,000 km, most fully to see to feel and know the whole of Russia at a reasonable time and a reasonable price. Its analogs do not exist. We have carefully developed and tested the entire route. Thought of everything down to the smallest detail. From excursions and hotels in each city to technical support columns.

Our journey begins in the Crimea — a beautiful Peninsula on the Black sea, which was considered to be all-Russia health resort and was a favorite vacation spot of all Russians from ordinary workers to heads of state and ends at the legendary lake Baikal is the deepest and purest lake in the world.



You will see everything. You will be with honor to shake the hand of even the most famous bikers and for them you forever now will be his. Friends and colleagues simply do not believe that you, the humble and ordinary people traveled great Russia on a motorcycle. I decided to do it and won themselves. Your children will proudly be able to talk about your adventures classmates. And in your eyes forever to reflect the elusive light and depth of knowledge and understanding of the world. The album of this trip you will from time to time to review the rest of your life and these pictures will be much higher and more valuable than pictures of an expensive hotel, where you once spent my vacation.